Remove Element solution using TypeScript

This post outlines my TypeScript solution to the "Remove Element" question on LeetCode.

Algorithm: The solution simply uses a pointer to iterate over the array. When the pointer finds a matching value, it splices it out of the array. When it reaches the end of the array, it returns the length of the array.

Time Complexity: Because the array will be iterated one time, the time complexity is O(n) where n represents the number of elements in the array.

Space Complexity: Because the solution will use a constant amount of space, the space complexity is O(1).

 * Remove Element
 * Given an array nums and a value val, remove all 
 * instances of that value in-place and return the new length.
 * Time Complexity: O(n)
 * Space Complexity: O(1)
 * removeElement([3,2,2,3], 3) // 3, [2,2]
 * removeElement([0,1,2,2,3,0,4,2], 2) // 2, [0,1,3,0,4]
function removeElement(nums: number[], val: number): number {
    let ptr = 0;

    while (ptr < nums.length) {
        if (nums[ptr] === val) {
            nums.splice(ptr, 1);
        ptr += 1;

    return nums.length;

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