The SVN diff command can be used to get a summary of files that have been added, removed, or modified between two revisions. Occasionally, I use this to give clients a list of files that I've recently changed.

Go to the root directory of your working copy in terminal and run the following command:

svn diff -r 1010:HEAD --summarize  

Where 1010 and HEAD are the revisions you are comparing. The output should look something like this:

A       inc/html5/modules/animation/js/easing  
A       inc/html5/modules/animation/js/SoundJockey.js  
A       inc/html5/modules/animation/js/TimelineMax.min.js  
A       inc/html5/modules/animation/js/TweenLite.min.js  
A       inc/html5/modules/animation/js  
A       inc/html5/modules/animation/example.html  
A       inc/html5/modules/animation  
M       inc/html5/modules/navigation/video.html  
M       inc/html5/modules/characters.html  
M       inc/WG_body_inc_homepage.html  

Where A = Added, M = Modified, and D = Deleted.

Example 1:
Compares revision 245 with the latest revision

svn diff -r 245:HEAD --summarize  

Example 2:
Compares revision 5 with revision 17

svn diff -r 5:17 --summarize