Installing Node.js 0.10.24 on CentOS 6.4

The steps below outline how to install Node.js 0.10.24 on a fresh installation of CentOS 6.4.

First, you'll want to update the software repository to the latest versions using yum

$ yum -y update

You'll also need to install Development Tools in order to compile Node.js

$ yum -y groupinstall "Development Tools"

I also recommend installing screen. However, it shouldn't be used for long running processes.

$ yum -y install screen

Select a directory to compile the source in

$ cd /usr/local/src

Now we're ready to download the latest version of Node.js

$ wget

Unarchive and change into the directory

$ tar zxf node-*.tar.gz
$ cd node-v*

Prepare the compiler

$ ./configure

Now to actually compile the source code

$ make

Finally, we can install Node.js

$ make install

You can now verify that Node.js and NPM are installed by running the following commands.

$ node --version
$ npm --version

If you haven't done so already, you'll also want to open up port 80 and possibly redirect port 80 to another port.

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